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We are a veteran owned wine distribution company featuring wines from the top wine making regions in the world including; Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and the United States.



Southern Vines is now live on You can find us at

Please check our wines page for our complete portfolio.

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Our Wines

Argentina – Areo (Patagonia), Laberinto (Mendoza)

Australia – Mr. Riggs, Penny’s Hill, Madison Ridge, Gosford Reserve

Chile – Kon Tiki, Valle Secreto, Tacora

France – Chateau L’Eglise, Chateau La Petit Borie, Baron De Luze, Lavender Row, Gassies, Domaine Juliette Avril, Tete Du Rhone, Chateau Abelyce, Chateau Beasejour, Chateau Lafon, Saint Lafayette, Marquis De Lalande, Chateau Abelyce, Chateau Fleur De Lisse, Chateau Donissan, Chateau Petit Mangot, Marquis De Mons, Chateau Laffitte Carcasset, Chateau Lynch Moussas, Champagne Moutard, Domaine Juliette Avril

Germany – Nebel

Italy – Casarra Prosecco, Castelfeder, Ghost, Piccolino, Simonetti

New Zealand – Crater Rim, Huru, Tiki Sound, Okiwa Bay, Highfield

Portugal – Caminhos Cruzados

Spain – La Burla, Copla, Lobetia, Pablo Claro, Emina, Cyan, Matarromera, Val De Los Frailes, Finca Cerrada, Oinoz, Dolce Venganza, Pago Del Vacario, Soto Del Vacario, Solar Teules

South Africa – Ayama, Babylonstoren, Ngumu, Rickety Bridge, Beyerskloof, Polkadraai, Tangled Tree, SilverMyn, Slent Farms, Zorgvliet

United States: Adler Fels, Bergevin Lane (WA), Barrel Road, Bootstrap, Bryn Mawr (OR), Coastal Oak, Coehlo, Cambridge & Sunset, Cambridge, Idle Cellars, Marc Cellars, Nine Line Vines (coming soon), Oregon Trails Wine Company, The Auctor, Trione


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